Diaper Covers


My knit diaper covers are carefully crafted and wear very nicely. They have a nice trim fit without any added bulk. Designed not to distract from beauty of baby, but as a classic accessory to cover up distracting diapers. 

Diaper covers have been one of my most popular items.  I make sizes from under 2 weeks (popular with photographers) to toddler.  Pictured are a few different colors I have made.  Diaper covers can be ordered in any color desired, as long as there is a yarn available to make it.  You can purchase these covers at my shop  By the Moonlight Creations.


Knit Diaper Cover - Cream
Knit Diaper Cover - Linen

Knit Diaper Cover - Dark Chocolate
Knit Diaper Cover - Baby Blue
Knit Diaper Cover - Newborn, Earth


4 Responses to “Diaper Covers”

  1. Gorgeous! The baby & the diaper covers. Wish you were knitting them when Anna was little. Well, you probably were but I was in postpartum la-la land, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. I LOVE your work! I am very interested in having you knit several things for me. Diapers covers, and angel wraps. Is there a way to order these or do I need to get on a list? Please let me know. I am a child/newborn photographer and in my area SLC, Utah we don’t have anyone currently using these items, I would love to be the first! I would also love to share my pictures with you using your beautiful wraps. Please let me know ASAP what kind of time I am looking at.
    Thanks so much,
    Bobbie Whitney
    801 205-9899

  3. How do we buy your products. Notice you did not have much on etsy but I am very interested in more than one product from you!

    Gorgeous work!!!

  4. 4 Hasinah Akram

    How can I buy your product too, Great work!

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