About Me

My name is Jennifer Howard and I’m the owner of By the Moonlight Creations.  I decided to make this blog to feature all of the projects that I’ve been working on, past and present.

I’m a mom to three little girls who keep me very busy during the day.  Once they are tucked in bed I create my wares by the moonlight.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful people.  If you’ve purchased something from my shop and would like to share a picture to add to the above gallery, please contact me.  I love seeing my work in use.

If you see something you are interested in please visit my Etsy Shop to purchase or email me for custom orders btmcreations@sbcglobal.net


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I have looked on Etsy and could not find anything available. I am very interested in buying several of your knitted creations, they are FABULOUS! Please let me know ASAP how I can order.
    Happy Knitting:)

  2. Hi! I would like to buy a wrap featured on the Baby as art blog! The white – rustic one with large pattern. Looks like a cocoon wrap. Can you let me know how much and how long, etc? How do I order? Beth

  3. 3 Toni Combs

    Good Morning, Jennifer- Your wraps & hats are precious. I would love to bring your creations to Ohio – sure to be a hit in my baby photos… Please reply with a price list and how to order information. I am most interested in a simply white or cream wrap and a hat in the same–
    for starters 🙂 Thanks~Toni

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