Since I’ll be MIA starting next week, I thought I would start another contest to keep you busy while I’m away.  The rules are the same as the last time.

Leave a comment letting me know which creation you would like to win!  Contest will end on 8/31/2010.

Have fun!


109 Responses to “Encore!”

  1. 1 rychelle

    again. i love them all!

  2. The Piolet Cap for sure is my fav. Can i be entered again since i entered last time?? 🙂

  3. Love the Baby as Art Wrap! 🙂

  4. Love them all, own the angel wrap and would love to win the peek a boo or pilot cap. Take care, Jenn.

  5. 6 holly1227

    Angel wrap please!!!!

  6. oh gosh, really?? You’re making me choose? Sheesh. Large angle stitch wrap or pilot cap…. 😐 I’m going with the wrap. Yay!

  7. Thanks for running another contest!
    I’d love an Angel Wrap!!

  8. your wraps are the softest I’ve ever seen, I’d love to win one of them ♥ (any one)

  9. 10 Melissa

    I honestly love everything you create!!! 🙂

  10. 11 Lisa

    Love the Baby As Art wrap and the pilot cap. Who am I kidding, I love them ALL!!

  11. 12 Gabrielle G

    Love them all, but would love a BAA wrap.

  12. Angel wrap!!!looove:-)

  13. Baby as art wrap for sure!!

  14. 15 Rebecca

    The love as art baby wraps are fabulous!

  15. 16 Rebecca

    Would love to win a baby art wrap!

  16. 17 Rebecca

    The wrap is beautiful!

  17. 18 Rebecca

    LOVE the angel wrap!

  18. 19 Rebecca

    An angel wrap would be so fabulous to win!

  19. 20 Rebecca

    Baby as art wrap or angel wrap would be wonderful!

  20. baby as art wrap

  21. I would be THRILLED to win ANYTHING from you!
    But, I will say the Baby As Art Wrap 🙂

  22. 23 Ruth S

    I love the pilot cap and angel wrap!

  23. All are gorgeous! LOVE the baby as art wrap

  24. Of course the large stitch angel wrap is just as stunning, would love that as well!

  25. Angel Wrap!!! Anything really!! ❤

  26. 27 Kerrie Gamble

    The Baby as Art Wrap is beautiful!

  27. The angel wrap is my favorite, thanks for the give away!

  28. 29 Amanda

    Large stitch wrap!

  29. Baby As Art Wrap is gorgeous!

  30. Pilot cap too!

  31. 32 Terryl

    Pilot cap!

  32. 33 Terryl

    Baby as Art wrap – seriously, do love them all!

  33. 34 Terryl

    and throwing one in for the Large Stitch wrap.

  34. Baby As Art wrap for me please!

  35. Thank you for another chance to win the Baby As Art Wrap, love your stuff.

  36. 37 sasha

    angel wrap!

  37. Fun! The pilot’s cap 🙂

  38. 39 Jen N.

    very beautiful knitting and colors! If I win, I would like a beautfiul hat/cap! 🙂

  39. 40 Melissa

    I really heart the large stitch angel wrap!! ❤ ❤

  40. I’m a new fan to your site… I love what I see! I especially like the Large Stitch Angel wrap and the Pilot Cap. Beautiful!

  41. Oh, pilot cap for me!

  42. 43 Katherine

    baby as art wrap… cross my fingers!

  43. I’m also a new fan! Got to know ur work from Jennifer Tai. I love your Large Stich Angel Wrap and your Diaper Covers too. 😛

  44. Oh! AND I’m in love with your Brown Mohair cap too. ;P

  45. i’ll go with BAA wrap this time 🙂

  46. I love the Baby As Art wrap

  47. Hi Jennifer, it’s definitely hard to pick one product of yours 🙂 The most in love I’m with Large Angel stitch wrap. Oh, I wish I could make something like you 🙂

  48. My second entry is for The Peek-A-Boo Wrap 🙂

  49. Then Dewberry Angel Wrap 🙂

  50. And Brown Mohair Cap 🙂

  51. I love the Large Stitch Angel Wrap

  52. 53 rychelle

    i still can’t decide which i like best, but i’m leaning towards and angel wrap.
    best wishes!

  53. Wow, I’d love to win an angel wrap! I love your work, it is just beautiful!!!

  54. Baby as Art wrap is simply beautiful, LOVE it!

  55. I also think the large stitch angel wrap is gorgeous!!

  56. I love them all but I love the angel wrap most!

  57. Still hoping to win one of your beautiful Baby as Art wrap please!

  58. BAA wrap for me please 😀 Thanks again for the chance to win

  59. 60 Toni B.

    Love the baby as art wrap!

  60. 61 Toni B.

    The Large Stitch Angel Wrap is gorgeous, too!

  61. Still hoping to win a BAA wrap, thank you!

  62. Everything is so beautiful! I would love an angel wrap so I will keep my fingers crossed!

  63. I’ll try for a pilot cap too!

  64. 65 Samantha Furst

    Baby as Art, Baby as Art

  65. 66 rychelle

    pick me! pick me! i still love them all.

  66. Hoping to win a BAA wrap, love your stuff!

  67. Last contest I was sure I needed an Angel wrap, this time it’s the BAA, thanks!

  68. Checking back today, hoping to win a BAA wrap please

  69. I don’t know how I missed the contest last time! I’d love a Baby as Art Wrap though. I don’t know how you do those scalloped edges. They are amazing! Thanks Jen! 🙂

  70. 71 holly1227

    I would love a peekaboo, too!!! Best wishes for your surgery.

  71. Would LOVE the large stitch angel wrap. 🙂

  72. I love all of them! But the Angel stitch wrap is so cute and I’d love one!

  73. 74 Tina

    Pilot Cap for sure!

  74. I love the pilot caps!

  75. They are all beautiful. I would love the Baby as Art wrap!

  76. I love the Angel Stitch wrap too!

  77. Large Stitch Angel Wrap!!!! So beautiful!!

  78. Would still love another Peek A Boo wrap! Your work is fabulous, Jen!

  79. Baby as art wrap is my fav!

  80. Or large stich angel wrap? wraps are gorgeous!

  81. 82 Dana

    I would love the Baby as Art wrap!!!

  82. Thank you for the chance to win a BAA wrap!

  83. Still hoping to win a BAA Wrap! Thanks!

  84. I would love a Baby as Art Wrap!!! LOVE ONE.

  85. Love love the Baby as Art Wraps!

  86. 87 Nancy Hong

    Baby as Art wrap.

  87. 88 rychelle

    sending good thoughts your way!

  88. 89 Samantha Furst

    Love the pilot caps!

  89. 90 rychelle

    i hope the recovery is going well!

  90. Love the BAA wrap!

  91. The Pilot hats are just so cute.

  92. 93 rychelle


  93. Hoping to win a BAA wrap please!

  94. Nearly forgot, here’s to hoping I win a BAA wrap. Thanks!

  95. Trying again today to win one of your beautiful BAA wraps! Thank you.

  96. 97 Samantha

    Pilot cap please!!!

  97. Hoping to win the BAA wrap today, thanks!

  98. 99 rychelle

    it’s almost time, it’s almost time!

  99. I love them all! But hope for a BAA wrap hopefully!

  100. Pilot Cap – I LOVE those too!!!

  101. 102 rychelle

    how’s the recovery coming along??? sending good vibes……

  102. Hope you’re doing well. Entering again for the BAA wrap!

  103. Hoping to win a BAA wrap, thanks for the chance!

  104. 105 rychelle

    i see you’ve posted some new, gorgeous stuff on facebook. that must be a good sign, right?

  105. 106 Samantha Furst

    Totally want a pilot cap for my soon to be squirt!

  106. Last ditch effort to win the BAA wrap, hope you’re feeling better!

  107. One last try before midnight, thank you for the chance to win the BAA wrap!

  108. an angel hair wrap. lovely. beautiful. gorgeous. love! 🙂

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