One Thousand


My Facebook Fanpage has reached 1000 “likes” and that really makes me smile.  Thank you everybody for taking the time to visit my little space on the internet.  It means so much to me.  I think that this occasion calls for a Give Away!

I’m horrible at making choices so, instead of trying to figure out what someone would like to win, I thought I would make this a “people’s choice”.  Leave a comment letting me know which of the pieces (pictured below) you would most like to win.  I will use a random number generator to choose a winner from comments.   If you can’t decide which piece you’d like, you can comment more than once.  Feel free to comment as many times as you would like, I’m not picky 🙂  Winner can pick color and style of the piece they desire, it will be made to order.  You can click on each picture for a more detailed view.

Comments will be closed at midnight on 7/31  Winner will be chosen shortly after.  Good luck and THANK YOU!

Large Stitch Angel Wrap

image provided by Kristen Cook

The Peek A Boo

image provided by Carrie Sandoval

Baby As Art Wrap

image provided by Carrie Sandoval

Pilot Cap

image provided by Kerianne Brown

A special thank you to Kerianne for sharing a picture of her gorgeous little boy.  Congrats to you, friend!


313 Responses to “One Thousand”

  1. 1 rychelle

    i want them all! 🙂

  2. I’d love the Large Stitch Angel Wrap for my bundle of joy arriving soon! (I’m 34 weeks pregnant now. Yikes!)

  3. 3 Kris Evans

    Large angel stitch 🙂

  4. I have been in love with the large stitch angel wrap for a long time! It is beautifully made!

  5. I would LOVE the Large angel stitch!! But everything you make is gorgeous!

  6. 6 Lina

    I think I have them all, i am pitiful =) But I will take any of them in different color, that’s for sure!

  7. I love the peekaboo!!!!

  8. Seriously…I love them all!!!!
    I will just randomly pick the “babyasart wrap”

  9. I also love hte baby as art wrap!!!

  10. Angel wrap, without a doubt. Everything you do is gorgeous, but that’s my fave!

  11. large angel wrap please!

  12. Would LOVE a baby as art wrap!!! 🙂

  13. The baby as art wrap!!! I have the peek-a-boo and I LOVE it! Winning would be amazing!!!! 🙂

  14. also love the pilot cap 🙂

  15. Baby as Art wrap is tied for first for me!

  16. OR the large stitch wrap! 😀

  17. 17 Jacqueline Myers

    I would adore the Large Stitch Angel Wrap 🙂

  18. Oh that Pilot hat in a dark, dusky plum.

  19. That Baby as Art wrap is divine. I can’t decide what color though.

  20. Love all your work…but my no. 1 choice is the large stitch angel wrap.

  21. That Peek a Boo is just toooo cute. Love it!

  22. I want that Large Stitch Angel Wrap. Sooo pretty.

  23. Although would love the pilot cap for my little girl who’s turning one in August…mmmm

  24. By the way congrats on reaching 1000!

  25. I would LOVE a pilot cap!!!

  26. You know I love your creations! I would LOVE a large stitch angel wrap. I have been drooling ever since I saw it on Kristen’s blog!

  27. Large stitch angel wrap, for sure! Its so soft. Perfect for a newborn.

  28. Mmmmm…baby as art wrap.

  29. Love that little pilot’s cap too!

  30. 30 Angie Kalthoff

    I’d love any of them but how ’bout the large angel stitch wrap? luv your work

  31. LOVE the pilot cap, sooooo adorable!!

  32. congratulations on so much fan support! So exciting!
    I would die to be the recipient of the large angel stitch wrap…. Crossing my fingers! And toes! 🙂

  33. on 2nd thought all of them would be nice! 🙂

  34. baby as art wrap is my second choice! Thanks for the great contest, I love it!

  35. I love the pilot’s cap. They are so amazing on the little babies.

  36. And the large stitch angel wrap is dreamy!

  37. Love them all!! but I’d love to win the large stitch angel wrap!!

  38. 38 Melissa

    I heart all of them, but I would love the large stitch angel wrap!! Your work is just absolutely beautiful!! 🙂

  39. I would LOVE an angel stitch wrap – I’ve been eyeing them up for ages!

  40. oh these are all gorgeous, how would I choose one?

  41. Oh, I just adore all of your knits but I’d love a BAA wrap!

  42. I’ve been eyeing the Baby as Art wrap for awhile

  43. but I also am in love with the Large Stitch Angel Wrap

  44. I have been dying to have your Large Stitch Angel Wrap! 🙂

  45. I would also *love* your baby as art wrap. So gorgeous! 🙂

  46. love the peakaboo!!!!!

  47. 47 Jen S

    Baby as art wrap. Love it!!

  48. 48 Stacey G

    Large angel stitch. 🙂

  49. Congratulations on 1000 fans! With these beauties, it’s no surprise. If I won, i would adore the Large Stitch Angel Wrap.

  50. Baby as art wrap…wow I am in love all over again! Your work is stunning and just amazing! I need to have my clients dressed in your wears!

  51. they are all so beautiful, but I love how soft and delicate the large stitch angel wrap is…gorgeous!

  52. Oh, I love the large stitch angel wrap….beautiful!

  53. And the pilot cap is so very adorable..and perfect for boys which is a plus!

  54. i love them ALL!! but if i had to choose one it’d be the peek a boo 🙂

  55. 55 Lina

    And congratulations on ONE THOUSAND fans, how cool is that – you are loved, Jen!

  56. Oooooh!!!! Congrats on the 1000 likes!! THAT is an accomplishment!

    I would like all of the above but my fave is that pilot cap in maroon!!!!

  57. Ok…. maybe the baby as art wrap too!!! That’s gorgeous too!!!!!

  58. i have always loved your angel stitch wrap. never seen anyone stitch it as delicate as you… oh, but i have a little baby due in october, and i would love to see her in a pilot cap. can’t decide 🙂

  59. 59 Lisa

    The Large Stitch Angel Wrap please!! i’m trying to start a stock of photography supplies.

  60. 60 Lisa

    Hmmm, and of course I love the pilot cap!

  61. I would Love a Baby as art wrap too!

  62. The Baby As Art Wrap is gorgeous! I’d love one to work with.

  63. The large stitch angel wrap for sure this is beautiful!

  64. Baby As Art wrap… beautiful!

  65. I want them ALL but I especially love the pilot cap 😉

  66. Oh, I would LOVE an angel wrap!

  67. 67 Vanessa Y

    I would love a large stitch Angel wrap please! I lack the patience to knit lace 😀

  68. … or a pilot cap!

  69. 69 Vanessa Y

    I’d also love to win the baby as art wrap too

  70. 70 Vanessa Y

    And a pilot cap. In purple. Maybe. Or green. Or blue.

  71. 71 Vanessa Y

    Changed my mind, definitely the angel wrap 😀

  72. 72 Vanessa Y

    Thank you for the give away, I love your stuff!

  73. all your creations are beautiful. i’d be happy with any but if chosing i would have to go with the large stitch angel wrap – heavenly!

  74. What a great giveaway!!!

  75. 75 Lauren DiFulvio

    I love my pilot cap but I would love the angel wrap!!!

  76. Oh, Jen–what a great giveaway! I would love the large stitch angel wrap…

  77. …or the BAA wrap;).

  78. Ohhh…the Peek A Boo is adorable! I would love it!

  79. Thanks for the awesome give away!!!

  80. Crossing my fingers that I am the lucky winner!

  81. i want the large stitch angel wrap!!!

  82. 82 Carolyn Welch

    I don’t think I could choose but I do love Carrie’s work!!! And Yours!

  83. everything?!? 😉 I guess if I had to pick it would be the Baby as Art wrap, I love the scalloped edge.

  84. hmmm….or the baby as art wrap!

  85. congrats on the 1000 likes! i’d love the large angel stitch wrap!

  86. — or even the pilot hat. LOL. i love them all.

  87. think i’d have to go with the pilot cap 🙂

  88. They are all lovely, but my first choice is the baby as art wrap!

  89. But then again, I just love that peek-a-boo too!

  90. 90 Melissa

    I would love the Large Stitch Angel Wrap.

  91. What a nice give away….I would love to win the pilot cap!

  92. Or the Baby As Art wrap 😉

  93. I love them all! Large stitch angel wrap, please!

  94. 94 Sara

    I am a newbie newborn photographer and also knit my own props. I would love a gender neutral large stitch angel wrap.

  95. 95 Sara

    I have never tried a peek a boo, but would love to photograph babies in one you knit.

  96. I would LOVE to get a peek a boo piece … been dying to get one! Congrats on hitting a 1000 likes 🙂

  97. 97 Sara

    Would love a baby as art wrap!

  98. 98 Sara

    Oh please Oh please can I have one of your pilot caps?!?

  99. I hope I am the chosen one!!!

  100. No, no, no….it has to be the baby as art wrap with the scalloped edge! LOVE it!

  101. I just can’t make up my mind….so off to bed I go….

  102. I LOVE the Large Stitch Angel Wrap!!!

  103. Baby as Art is awesome too!!!

  104. ooooooo… Peek-a-boo. 🙂

  105. Conratulations on 1000 fans. That is amazing! I would love to win the pilot cap!

  106. 106 Katherine

    Love them all, but if I had to choose…. the Large Stitch Angel Wrap is so sweet and delicate!

  107. I’ve been wanting one of your ANgel Wraps forever! PICK ME!

  108. Love them all………… !
    But would kill 😉 for the Angel wrap

  109. They are all so lovely, but if I had to choose, it would be Large Stitch Angel Wrap, congratulations on your milestone also !

  110. All are amazing, but..I would like to have Large Stitch Angel Wrap!

  111. 111 lea

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Baby as art wrap! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  112. 112 lea

    …..and the pilot cap!……they are all gorgeous, i want em alllllllllll!!! 🙂

  113. i LOOOOOOOOOOVE the large angel wrap

  114. Congratulations on 1000 fans SO deserved!!! I would love a peek a boo!!

  115. All beautiful, love the large stitch angel wrap

  116. I would love to win the large stitch angel wrap. yay for the 1000 fans. i know there are tons more!

  117. I just love love love the peek a boo wrap and would really enjoy adding that beauty to my collection. Congratulations on the 1000 fans, that is quite the number, but easy to see why you have so many fans when you offer such beautiful items.

  118. I am back for some more blog love to day!!! Congrats on reaching 1000 fans!

  119. 119 Vanessa Y

    Angel wrap please!!

  120. 120 Vanessa Y

    Love your stuff, I’ve been coveting the angel wrap for a long time

  121. Love your gorgeous goods. I would most love a large stitch angel wrap. LOVE.

  122. I’d LOVE another peekaboo, its my favorite:)

  123. 123 rychelle

    just restating my love for everything you do!

  124. 124 Alina

    I would love Baby As Art Wrap in cream 🙂 Love it!

  125. I think my favourite are the pilot caps! I just love them.

  126. 126 Amanda Kern

    I love them all…but definitely love the angel wrap best!

  127. 127 Katrin

    a pilot cap is wonderfull!!!

  128. 128 Amanda

    baby as art wrap

  129. 129 Cecy


  130. 130 Cecy

    And angel stitch.. Gosh really everything you make is Beautiful!

  131. I love them all but the Baby as Art one is my favorite.

  132. 132 Melissa

    Congrats on 1000 “likers”!! The baby as art wrap is beautiful, but I would looooove to have the large stitch angel wrap!

  133. Oooo…..I love all your stuff Jen, but I’d love another peek a boo wrap in a mocha or something brownish!

  134. 134 Vanessa Y

    Loving the Angel Wrap!

  135. 135 Vanessa Y

    Hard to decide – I love both wraps but think I prefer the Angel Wrap to the BAA Wrap. Maybe.

  136. Large Stitch Angel Wrap is my fav!

  137. or Large Stitch Angel Wrap? can’t decide…

  138. Pilot Cap would be gorgeous for the little boys! 🙂

  139. I love all your stuff…but since I have to pick…the Baby as Art Wrap for those sweet scallop edges!

  140. I keep coming back to look at the pilot cap. Love it!

  141. And the angel wrap. Love it!

  142. 142 Vanessa Y

    Still hoping to win that Angel Wrap! If I have to comment once a day until the contest ends, I’m going to try!

  143. Back again to say that I would still love to win the large stitch angel wrap! Love your stuff 🙂

  144. 144 elena wilken

    I LOVE the pilot cap! all your things are so crafty, and look so delicate and high quality! …oh, and I LOVE this hat 🙂 –

  145. Oh I love them all but for the sake of choosing “one” I choose the babyasart wrap…divine xx

  146. 146 Kim Hill

    I love all your stuff but I really love the large stitch angel wrap!

  147. All beautiful…but I love the Large Stitch Angel Wrap. Divine!


  149. 149 Vanessa Y

    Love your Angel wrap!

  150. 150 Vanessa Y

    Up bright and early, still hoping to win the Angel Wrap!

  151. I would loooove the Large Stitch Angel Wrap!!

  152. I love your Angel Wrap! So cute.

  153. I love your Pilot Caps – love them!

  154. Oh I would so love one of those pilot caps!

  155. OooOoooOo I love the large stitch angle wrap!!!!

  156. I love them all – but I would choose the large stitch angel wrap!

  157. I would also love the pilot hat!

  158. 158 Vanessa Y

    Am I too late to win the Angel wrap?

  159. 159 Vanessa Y

    Just double checked, and see I have another 10 days left to try to win the Angel Wrap!!

  160. what an awesome giveaway! would love a large stitch angel wrap!

  161. or a peekaboo!

  162. or a baby as art wrap…LOVE them ALL!

  163. already have pilot hats on your list…so any of the other wraps would be divine!

  164. I LOVE the angel wrap – it’s so beautiful!

  165. 165 Ruth S

    I love the angel wrap!

  166. 166 Ruth S

    The pilot hats are absolutely adorable! Wish I knew how to work with yarn like that…

  167. I just LOVE the angel wrap.

  168. Totally love the Baby as Art wrap!

  169. Large stitch wrap!!
    love you stuff!!:-)

  170. 170 Rebecca

    I Love the large stitch angel wrap, it is just beautiful!

  171. 171 Rebecca

    I would just love to win one of your masterpieces, the large stitch angel wrap is divine!

  172. 172 Rebecca

    I also love the baby as art wrap, the scallops are precious!

  173. 173 Rebecca

    Would love to win the baby as art wrap!

  174. 174 Rebecca

    The peekaboo cocoon is precious too!

  175. 175 Rebecca

    I would be in heaven if I could have one of your works, the large stitch angel wrap is fabulous!

  176. 176 Rebecca

    Any of your goodies would make me a happy woman! 🙂

  177. 177 Vanessa Y

    Still hoping to win the Angel wrap please!

  178. 178 Vanessa Y

    I’d love to win a Baby As Art wrap too

  179. 179 Vanessa Y

    I go back and forth between the Angel wrap and the BAA wrap – tonight I think the Baby As Art wrap wins!

  180. 180 Vanessa Y

    Still hoping to win the Baby as Art Wrap!

  181. large stich angel wrap 🙂

  182. I just love the Baby As Art Wrap and would love to add it to my prop collection!

  183. oooohhh…anything would be amazing!!!!

  184. I love the Baby as Art wrap!

  185. I love the pilot cap too.

  186. MIght as well enter for the large stitch angel wrap too.

  187. Baby as art wrap!!

  188. 188 Jenna

    Ooh the angel wrap is gorgeous, I would love to have it!!

  189. I would LOVE the angel wrap!

  190. 190 Jenna

    The pilot cap is adorable!

  191. I would also love the baby as art wrap!!! Seriously TDF

  192. And the pilot cap i have been eyeballing for a long time!

  193. however the peek a boo is also a fav of mine =) I want them ALLLLLL

  194. Baby as Art wrap!!! 🙂

  195. Wow, they’re all great but I loveee the pilot cap!!

  196. Or the Angel Wrap! Either one I would love!

  197. baby as art wrap is my choice.. i got a baby boy due in four weeks would be awesome

  198. Love the large angel stitch wrap!

  199. I love everything you make I’d say the Baby as Art wrap, then again….I’d love either one!! Love them all!

  200. 200 holly1227

    I have been drooling over the large stitch angel wrap for so long! Would love to have one of my own!!

  201. 201 holly1227

    The pilot caps are another favorite! Your pieces are made so beautifully!!

  202. 4 days left to enter this fabulous give-a-way??!! I will be back every day to let you know that I love the angel stitch wrap. 🙂

  203. Large stitch angel wrap! Gorgeous pics and gorgeous designs! You know I love your work!!

  204. Also, the Baby as Art wrap!! I love it, it’s gorgeous!!

  205. I loooove The Peek A Boo

  206. crossing my fingers….hope I win!!!

  207. 207 annie

    How can I pick! They are all awesome…. How about the peek a boo wrap?

  208. 208 annie

    Oooh the pilot cap is tooo cute!!

  209. Well gosh I LOVE them all but I guess if I HAD to pick 😉 it would the baby as art wrap 🙂

  210. Or wait maybe the Large Stitch Angel wrap….ahhh you make it so hard!

  211. Ooooo, I am dying for the large angelstitch wrap!

  212. and…the baby as art wrap. Delicious!

  213. 213 Ange

    I just lurrrve your large stitch angel wrap!!!!! My fave!!

  214. 214 sarah

    angle wrap!!

  215. 215 sarah

    oops…..hard typing on a cell phone. I vote angel wrap lol

  216. 216 sarah

    baby as art wrap!

  217. 217 Stef

    I would totally love the large angelstitch wrap!

  218. I would love the angel wrap

  219. I want the baby as art wrap too!

  220. The pilot cap is just gorgeous!

  221. LOVE the baby as art wrap…just saying =)

  222. Pilot Cap would be my first choice. But I’d take any!

  223. 223 amy

    Love them all.. I think I will take the last one.. The hat.. or the first.

  224. 224 amy

    Love #1

  225. 225 amy

    Love the last one too.. Very nice.. I will take the hat to..

  226. 226 amy

    But could also use the 3rd one too.

  227. 227 Trish Reed

    As i already have purchased two angle stich wraps i’d like a Baby as art wrap. You do fabulous work, well done.

  228. I would love the baby as art wrap!

  229. 229 Rachel

    so hard to choose…I’d love any of them! Maybe the angel wrap is my fave?

  230. Congrats on 1000 fans!!!!!

    I love the pilot cap…lovely work

  231. Would love to win the large stitch angel wrap!! Love your work!

  232. pilot cap in green or yellow or burgandy =)

  233. I have been drooling over the peek a boo wrap too. I love how curled up and cute those newbie look in it.

  234. 234 Christie

    Baby as art wrap is so beautiful. I love love love it.

  235. 235 Christie

    The peek a boo would be a lovely piece to add to my collection.

  236. 236 Christie

    My number one fav would have to be the Large Stitch Angel Wrap.

  237. 237 Christie

    Then the piolt cap would be awesome to have in my collection as well. there all so darn cute I cant decide.

  238. 238 Jen

    I LOVE them all!! If I had to choose…my favorite would be the pilot cap! You do such AWESOME work!

  239. did i mention i love the baby as art wrap =)

  240. ohhh i am dying for the large stitch angel wrap!! 🙂

  241. but that pilot cap is divine!!! your work is amazing!!! I’d be happy to win anything!!!

  242. Any of them would be nice!!!

  243. love love love the large stitch wrap

  244. love the baby as art wrap

  245. the peekaboo is also lovely!

  246. So in love with the pilot hats!

  247. baby as art!!! but I love them all!!

  248. or the large stitch wrap!

  249. I love all your stuff! so hard to choose. I LOVE the baby as art wrap.

  250. The large stitch angel wrap is simply gorgeous!!!

  251. love love ht Pilot cap.

  252. Baby As Art Wrap. Love them all though.

  253. I *need* a baby as art wrap!

  254. …and the angel wrap. and the pilot hat. i need them all :))
    terrific work jen!

  255. 255 Sarah S

    large stitch angel wrap – but its so hard to pick just one 🙂

  256. 256 Sarah S

    love the pilot cap too!!

  257. 257 Amy Weiler

    I LOVE the peak a boo!!! so cute!

  258. 258 Stefanie Weiler

    angel large stitch!

  259. I am IN LOVE with the pilot hat : )

  260. 260 Danielle felton

    Love that pilot cap!! And little Will sports it nicely!! 🙂

  261. 261 Jessica

    I love the pilot hat

  262. hoping I win!!! 🙂

  263. 263 Danielle felton

    I would love to win the baby as art wrap as well… Just gorgeous!

  264. 264 Jessica

    I love the large stitch wrap

  265. Well i just ordered an angel stitch wrap…and i would love to have them all!! But im going to have to say the hat. I don’t have any hats at this point. It would be lovely to have one.

  266. 266 Jessica

    I love the baby as art wrap…too cute!!

  267. 267 Jessica

    I love the peek a boo as well. They are all so cute!!

  268. awesome give away!!! Thanks! 🙂

  269. 269 brittany

    i love the peek a boo… 😀 It is my favorite, I love to see what people end up doing with it!

  270. I would love the baby as art wrap. Beautiful!!

  271. Your designs are gorgeous! I would love the Baby as Art wrap!

  272. Love all your work but especially love your baby as art wrap. 🙂

  273. So…I can’t choose just one I like best…but first I would LOVE angel wrap in mist!!

  274. Second…I would have to choose a peek a boo in that tan/brown color! So gorgeous on little baby skin!

  275. Large Stitch Angel Wrap

  276. Also Baby As Art Wrap

  277. And third I would love to snuggle a little lady up in a baby as art wrap in dewberry! Seriously amazing color!

  278. Oh I love the Baby As Art Wrap!

  279. The pilot cap is really cute too!
    Awesome work…makes it difficult to pick just one! Congrats on reaching 1000 Likes

  280. 280 Nils

    Baby As Art Wrap!! Love your work!!

  281. LOVE the Baby as Art wrap.

  282. I LOVE them all! I can’t decide……maybe the Large Stitch Angle Wrap? Boy this would be a hard decision!

  283. ohh the pilot cap…no the large angel…nevermind, you choose, cuz i can’t they are all works of art!!

  284. I absolutely love the Baby As Art Wrap… and the pilot cap. I actually really love all of your stuff!!!

  285. i would love the pilot cap. you are so talented!!!

  286. 286 Vanessa Y

    Would love the Baby as Art wrap – thank you for the chance to win!!

  287. would love the baby as art wrap

  288. or the large angel stitch

  289. or the peekaboo!

  290. the peekaboo is also amazing!

  291. 291 Ange

    All sooooooo stunning!!!

  292. i would love to have the large stitch angel wrap!!!

  293. i really love them all…how to choose??

  294. 294 Katherine

    hmmmmm, large angel stitch, no- baby as art wrap. both! : )

  295. 295 Vanessa Y

    I’d chose the BAA wrap or the Angel Wrap – change my mind almost daily – they’re both so beautiful!

  296. So hard to choose but I’d LOVE a Pilot Cap!!! I love everything.

  297. Love them all but the large stitch angel wrap would have to be my fave!

  298. I think I’d have to pick the baby as art wrap, it’s gorgeous!

  299. I love the Large Stitich Angel Wrap! So beautiful! I would love one in the dewberry color!

  300. 300 Vanessa Y

    Hoping to win the BAA wrap, and congrats on your one thousand!

  301. ANGEL WRAP!!

  302. LOVE THEM ALL! Angel Wrap is my FAV!!!


  304. 304 Gabrielle G

    So hard to choose.BAA, love the edges. So pretty.

  305. 305 brittany

    I’ve always wanted the pilot cap too. I think that it is just such a simple beautiful add on to any photograph.


  306. I love everything you do and would love to have any of these pieces! First off, the angel wrap!!!

  307. Everything is gorgeous, second I would choose a baby as art wrap!

  308. It’s extremely hard to choose, all of them are precious! The pilot cap!!!

  309. Peek a boo, I have one in light brown from the baa workshop but would love to have one in another color!!

  310. Definitely the large stitch angel wrap 🙂

  311. Angel Wrap is WONDERFUL!!!

  312. PEEK A BOO!!!!

  313. Peek a Boo I see you!!!

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